Willow Springs International Raceway

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Willow Springs Motorsports ParkWillow Springs Motorsports Park

Willow Springs Motorsports Park

3500 75th Street West, Rosamond, CA 93560

Located approximately an hour north of the greater Los Angeles area, "Willow" is one of the few purpose-built road courses in California and is home to Danny McKeever's FAST LANE. With multiple tracks on site, there is a venue for multiple experiences and thrill levels. Below are some of the tracks that FAST LANE uses for it's courses.

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Big WillowBig Willow

Big Willow

This 2.5-mile road course has been dubbed "The Fastest Road in the West," and for a good reason. Elevation changes, nine turns and one long straight away where speeds on some cars and motorcycles have been known to break 200mph. Speeds on the turns can approach anywhere from 70mph to 170mph. How's that for FAST?

Big Willow is used for the third day of our High Performance Racing Course, Advanced Road Racing Courses, SCCA Accredited Schools, Corporate Programs, Private Coaching and more.

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Streets of Willow SpringsStreets of Willow Springs

Streets of Willow Springs

Added in 1987, the Streets of Willow provides drivers with a multi-configuration road course. A technical course with elevation changes and increasing and decreasing radius turns, challenging drivers (novice and experienced alike) as they increase their speed.

The Streets of Willow is used for the Half Day, One Day and Two Day High Performance Courses.

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Skid Pad

Skid Pad

Built in as a component of the Streets of Willow race track in 1986, the skid pad is paved and measures 400' x 350'. The skid pad is a valuable tool to allow participants to take their vehicle beyond its limits.

As your vehicle loses traction, FAST LANE instructors demonstrate how to correct for understeer and oversteer during our wet and dry skid pad exercises.

Wet Skid pad is not available in Half Day High Performance Courses.

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